Vital Records

Forms (Birth & Death Certificates)

Contact Number: 574-523-2107

Complying with the Indiana State Department of Health in issuing birth and death certificates as well as providing friendly, courteous and accurate service to our clients is the mission of Vital Records. These goals are further enhanced by the computer accessibility of older records. The Indiana State Department of Health records are available from the present to October 1, 1907. The records in Elkhart County are available from the present to 1882. 

Apostille birth certificates must be purchased from the Indiana State Department of Health, 2 North Meredian St., Indianapolis, IN 46204. An apostille is the authentication of a document by the Secretary of State. It cannot be processed at the local health office.

The staff research genealogy and input data weekly. The demand for genealogy information has been steadily increasing over the years due to Internet access, requests from 4-H clubs, schools and the Quarterly Michiana Search magazine. The staff  receive request from people all over the United States for genealogical information and are able to process their request quickly.

Certain changes may be made to birth records in the form of amendments, paternity and adoptions per court order, and appointments with parents in the office to establish paternity.

Vital Records is also responsible for registering home births.